Steriall / Groupe Lebronze alloys

Sylvain Lambert School group

City: Bezannes (51)
Program: Implementation of Steriall® door handles and furniture in primary and nursery schools
Project supervisor: Bezannes Town Hall

In 2015, Bezannes - a town of 1,568 inhabitants in the Reims conurbation - invested in Steriall® door handles to equip the Sylvain Lambert School Group. Supplemented by the equipment of the town hall and the associative space, this set of equipped premises is a world first.



School group, associative space and Town Hall of Bezannes

The complete equipment of these structures is a world first!

For Mayor Jean-Pierre Belfie:

« What we want through this investment is to close the door to disease, to be caring for children, teachers, staff and our constituents. We have hired the regional know-how of Steriall®, a brand of the Lebronze alloys group ».

In Bezannes, the Sylvain Lambert school group this year has 167 children from kindergarten to CM2.

Professor Sophie Gangloff of the URCA about the copper alloy equipment of the school of Bezannes :

« Viruses and bacteria, we know, can survive on frequently touched surfaces for days or even months. While regular hand and surface washing can help limit the transmission of these germs, winter epidemics of flu, colds and gastroenteritis are a reminder that hand washing alone is not enough to protect everyone effectively. »

Another means of prevention is to prevent infectious agents from surviving on surfaces and creating nests for microbes.

Steriall® participates in this approach by offering copper alloy handles and handrails for community facilities, public buildings and housing. Copper alloy components/accessories are already of great interest to hospitals and the healthcare community, as they have a major impact on antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Installing these handles at the Bezannes school will reduce the number of germs carried by children and their teachers. This will reduce the number of infections in the children and their teachers. And, of course, this benefit will be passed on to the parents and all those around the children.


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