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Arago Clinic

City : Paris (75015)
Programme: construction of the Arago clinic with the use of Steriall® elements
Architect: AIA Associates, photo credit: G. Satre.
Project supervisor: CLINIQUE ARAGO - ISMS - Immobilière Santé Médico-Social

Arago Clinic

This magnificent building is located within the grounds of St. Joseph's Hospital.
The residential floors of the clinic are equipped with Steriall® architectural elements (all door handles and handrails).
The consultation area on the ground floor has also been equipped with Steriall® since summer 2015.

Doctor Philippe Lapresle - President and CEO of the clinic – underlines :

« The Steriall® architecture elements were chosen to limit the spread of micro-organisms in the establishment. »

Mrs. Amélie Gélis - Director of the clinic - confirms :

« Steriall® products are an integral part of the clinic's asepsis plan. »

Both emphasize that Steriall® products are highly appreciated for the warm atmosphere they bring to rooms and passageways. The elegance of Steriall® products enhances the standing and image of this prestigious clinic.


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