Steriall / Groupe Lebronze alloys

Moreno consulting
City: Reims (51)
Project type: Implementation of Steriall® door handles
Project supervisor: Moreno consulting

A French recruitment and Human Resources company - has equipped its offices in Reims with Steriall® door handles. The aim is to reduce the risk of infection through contact.

The company is convinced that the protection of the health of its customers and employees is paramount.

Thierry Hamilius, Director of Moreno Consulting in Reims, explains :

« Since its creation, the raison d'être of Moreno Consulting has been the human being. This is why preserving the health of the people who enter our premises is just as important as sharing our know-how. In addition to being elegant, Steriall® products allow us to welcome our customers in a healthier building ».

Door handles in the Steriall® range are made from a copper alloy.

Steriall® architectural elements are used in health care facilities but also in nursing homes, medical homes, schools or offices.


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