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Steriall® products draw their power from an exceptional metal: copper.

For several decades, scientific research has shown that copper contributes to a lasting reduction in the populations of germs present on the surfaces that make up our daily environment, in particular :

  • According to Dollwet H.H and Sorensen J.RJ (1985): during the cholera outbreak in Paris in 1832, 1849 and 1852, scientists were able to observe that copper workers did not develop the disease.  
  • According to Gregor Grass (2011), multi-resistant bacteria are also destroyed by copper.

Aesthetic, ecological and sustainable, copper was already exploited in the ancient world more than 5 millennia ago. Its virtues are recognized in the usual temperature and humidity conditions of a building.

As a brand of high-performance products, Steriall® offers door handles, push plates, bars and accessories made of copper alloy.

In a few moments

According to tests carried out at the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA, EA 4691), on bacteria under the usual temperature and humidity conditions of a building, Steriall® copper alloys will destroy 95% of the microorganisms present on their surface within 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the species and strains).

Fight against multi-resistant bacteria (MRB)

Many viruses, bacteria and fungi are present in our environment and when we come into contact with them some of them can become dangerous to our health. In health care settings, multi-resistant bacteria (MRB) can be very dangerous for fragile people.

Infection-causing bacteria, like viral infections such as gastroenteritis or influenza, can be spread in public places such as schools, nurseries, offices or nursing homes. URCA studies show that Steriall® alloys can fight all bacteria tested, including antibiotic-resistant strains.

A complete, elegant and discreet range of products

The Steriall® product range is probably the widest range of copper alloy architectural elements available on the market.

Two intentions prevailed in the design of Steriall® products: elegance and discretion.

Made of pure metals without coatings or chemical additives, Steriall® alloys are 100% recyclable. They are part of a sustainable development approach. Steriall® has also developed a dedicated 100% natural cleaning product. It enables Steriall® products to be cleaned while maintaining their aesthetic qualities and properties.

Where do Steriall® products fit in?

Steriall® products can be easily installed, whether at home or in public places.

In all buildings accessible to the public, medical establishments (hospitals, clinics, doctors' surgeries), nursery, retirement homes and schools, it is essential to limit the risk of infection.


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