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A unique regeneration process that guarantees lifetime antimicrobial protection.


Copper and its alloys have an active surface: some people consider them as living materials...

It is this reactivity that gives them antimicrobial power, which is why their performance and appearance can evolve over time.

The Steriall® regeneration process solves the problem of surface aging.

A regenerated Steriall® surface is as good as new, guaranteeing Steriall® antimicrobial protection for life.

Maintenance of antimicrobial potency
Restores copper's original luster
Simple and efficient
100% natural Laboratory tested Made in France

How do I clean and regenerate door handles and other Steriall® products?

This is a quick operation, according to the protocol below, to be repeated every six months to maintain the antimicrobial and aesthetic properties of Steriall® over time.

  1. Impregnate the supplied square cleaner to saturation with Steriall® regenerant. Frotter avec le carré cleaner jusqu’à retrouver un aspect neuf
  2. Remove excess product with a dry microfiber cloth.
  3. Moisten a clean and dry microfibre fabric with the regenerating agent.
  4. Rub the surface to be treated with the microfiber with at least 5 passes.
  5. Let dry without rinsing

The square cleaner can be rinsed with water, washed and reused.

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