Steriall® is a range of Copper alloy architectural elements antimicrobial used by many professionals to fight against the risk of infection: door handles, push plates, bars and accessories, etc.

Copper is permanently active against virsues, bacteria and fungi. Steriall® products can be used in all types of buildings: medical facilities, public buildings, individual houses. Discover the properties of Copper and Steriall® products through this website!

Discover the Steriall® solution

The development of Steriall® is based on nearly 10 years of research in laboratory and real conditions, with Lebronze alloys scientific partners. To know more:

Copper kills Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in few hours. Read our synthesis of scientific knowledge on this topic, and the role that copper alloys éléments may play in the fight against Covid-19 and other pandemics:


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